Healthful Options Using Streets and Transportation in our Neighborhoods

Healthful Options Using Streets and Transportation in Our Neighborhoods (HOUSTON) is a multi-year study initiated to identify and assess relationships between environmental factors and physical activity, dietare habits, and obesity in African Americans residing in public housing. It is funded in part by the Active Living Research initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The purposes of the study are to (1) define environmental correlates of physical activity, dietary habits, and obesity, (2) assess physical activity resources, food sources, and pedestrian utilities in Houston neighborhoods surrounding 14 public housing developments, (3) assess the physical activity, dietary habits, and obesity of residents, and (4) correlate environmental factors with individual behavior. Findings suggest that many housing development residents are disconnected with health recommendations and opportunities. Neighborhood characteristics like physical activity resources and sidewalk connectivity are associated with physical activity, dietary habits and body mass index (BMI) and fat percentage.

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