PEP 6397 Introduction to Neuroscience

Instructor: Dr. Layne

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Laboratory of Integrated Physiology (LIP)

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Conceptual Framework of the College of Education - Collaboration for Learning and Leading

In the spirit of the College of Education's conceptual framework this course exposes the students to the collaborative efforts of teachers, medical doctors, research scientists, industry leaders and government officials to gain a comprehensive understanding of the process of movement control and learning as they relate to the development of healthy lifestyles. This collaborative approach is reflected in the many techniques used to deliver course content and the varied assessments all designed to prepare the students to assume leading roles in society in the professional area of movement and physical fitness.

Note - All rules regarding student conduct, sexual harassment, and academic dishonesty will be strictly enforced and the professor reserves the right to impose stricter penalties, including issuing a failing grade, than those provided in any and all student handbook(s) or regulations. Click here to read the UH academic honesty policy.  Procedures regarding violations of academic honesty can be found here.

When possible, and in accordance with 504/ADA guidelines, we will attempt to provide reasonable academic accommodations to students who request and require them.  Please call the Center for Students with DisABILITIES at ext. 713.743-5400 for more assistance.

Course Objectives

The student will:

1) demonstrate knowledge about how central and peripheral nervous transmits information

2) demonstrate knowledge about how muscles become electrically active to induce contraction

3) demonstrate knowledge about basic properties of sensory systems

4) demonstrate knowledge about basic neuroanatomy

5) demonstrate knowledge about basic reflexes, including neonatal reflexes

6) demonstrate knowledge about basic technologies used to explore neurophysiological processes

7) demonstrate knowledge about a variety of neuromuscular diseases


Each unit All quizzes will be taken over the internet using WebCT At the completion of each unit, your knowledge will be assessed by a Quiz which generally will consist of True - False and/or multiple choice questions.  You have only 1 opportunity to take each quiz so be prepared.  Additional assignments may be added as appropriate.  Check your e-mail often!   There is a Practice Quiz in WebCT that you may take as often as you like to become familiar with the technology.

Note that the course is self-paced, however, you must complete all assignments by Friday, December 7th, 2007, so plan accordingly.

Grading Scale

  • A = 94%
  • A- = 90%
  • B+ = 87%
  • B = 83%
  • B- = 80%
  • C+ = 77%
  • C = 73%
  • C- = 70%
  • D+ = 67%
  • D = 63%
  • D- = 60%
  • Important Dates

            Tuesday, September 4th - Last day to drop a course or withdraw without receiving a grade (must be by close of business at 5 pm).  Last day to drop a course without hours counting towards   the Enrollment Cap for Texas ResidentsNOTE: Tuition is higher for hours in excess of the cap.

    Wednesday, October 31th - Last day to drop or withdraw - NO EXEPTIONS!

    Friday, December 7th - last day to complete course materials (all quizzes must be completed by 5 pm).